As members we share moral purpose, shape priorities and receive benefits.

When a school joins BEP it is primarily a statement of the aims of our partnership, of recognising that we all share a responsibility beyond that which we have for our individual schools. 

What are the benefits of Universal and Enhanced Membership?

BEP Membership affirms our responsibility for all Birmingham children and the health of the education system in our city as a whole. Membership also brings a range of benefits. The revenue from membership is one way of ensuring BEP has some independence regardless of the direction of travel created by our different contracts.

BEP Universal Membership

To ensure that BEP remains true to its founding ideals we are now offering free universal membership to all Birmingham schools. 

As a universal member, we will advocate for your school and you will be able to influence the direction of BEP through voting rights for Heads to the Board, you will have access to all our free universal programmes and receive the BEP newsletter. We will undertake to consult with you as our members about BEP priorities and future direction.

BEP Enhanced Membership

Our enhanced membership brings a range of additional benefits and has been designed to save you money. This year we have introduced a new price band for enhanced membership that is based on the size of your school. Our enhanced membership benefits are extensive and represent excellent value for money. 


2019-20 BEP Enhanced Membership is now available for purchase.

Find out more about the benefits and join below. 

2019-20 BEP Enhanced Membership


For more information about BEP Membership

Please contact our office on 0121 285 0924 or