Global Education

Birmingham Education Partnership & TIDE~ Global Learning are delighted to announce a new partnership to help schools and young people engage with global discussion.

Global discussion around issues from poverty to climate change plays an important role in the development of our young people. Discussing issues that impact our local and global world can be a powerful vehicle for engaging young people in both debate and the school curriculum.

What is the Global Education Project?

The global education project is a chance to explore how a variety of issues are represented on both an international and local scale, and how to bring this into the classroom for the benefit of the school.

BEP & Tide~ aim to provide a space to discuss barriers, benefits and beyond. It allows teachers to communicate their experiences and share best practice around the inclusion of global discussion in the classroom and identify how this can underpin the development of the school.

What are we currently doing?

  • Through a combination of best practice, resources and wider support, we are developing a model for schools which uses work around refugees as a vehicle for wider discussion about identity, the local and global community and what it means to be a global citizen.
  • Identifying routes and developing opportunities for student leadership to thrive in schools. 
  • Using the BEP website to signpost to resources & support; see resources and marketplace directory
  • Raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals amongst schools, and supporting schools in identifying how this fits into their school
  • Celebrating and encouraging schools to share the amazing work that they have achieved

You are invited to take part in the Global Education Autumn Project

What is the project?

All schools are invited to take part, if you would like to become involved, or learn more about the project, contact

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