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Education Inspection Framework – May 2019.

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Safeguarding Policy Update: August 2016

Here is a summary of August 2016 changes

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  • New reference to the ‘Prevent’ duty guidance for schools and colleges.
  • New references to safeguarding children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities.
  • References to ‘safeguarding policies’ have been replaced with ‘child protection policies’ to fit with statutory guidance. There is also a reference to the need for staff behaviour policies.
  • New reference to including the risks of peer on peer abuse in the child protection policy.
  • Reference to the new requirement for all staff and leaders to receive regular updates on safeguarding at least annually.
  • Clarification that designated members of staff for safeguarding need to have safeguarding training every two years and their knowledge and skills should be refreshed at least annually.
  • Reference to the new requirement that there should be a designated member of staff for safeguarding available at all times that the school/college/setting is open for staff to discuss BEP Website Redevelopment Content concerns.
  • Reference to ensuring that teachers understand the mandatory duty to report known cases of female genital mutilation.
  • Reference to the new requirement for schools and settings to have appropriate filters and monitoring systems in place to protect learners from harmful online material.
  • Clarification that judgements about safeguarding should not be made solely on the evidence presented, but that inspectors should probe further and use additional evidence.
  • Clarification that the lead inspector should run an internet check for safeguarding issues related to the provider as part of pre-inspection planning.
  • Minor changes to the wording of sentences to be used in inspection reports about safeguarding incidents.
  • References to boards of trustees and academy sponsors throughout.
  • References to the requirement to check that teachers are not prohibited from teaching and that managers of independent schools are not prohibited from management. Annex 2 explains that providers should do this using the Teacher Services System.
  • New reference to the factual note published by the Department for Education about the scope of regulated activity.
  • Reference to the strengthened requirement for checks on individuals who have lived or worked outside the UK.
  • New reference to the need for enhanced DBS checks on governors.
  • Additional requirement for section 128 prohibition checks to be recorded on the single central record.
  • Clarification that any checks carried out on volunteers should be recorded on the single central record.